No More Ignorance

January 16, 2007

So ? Whats The Big Deal U Say?

Filed under: 9-11 — Fadi Ayat @ 4:48 pm

i say it is abig deal..for years and years..governments have been using mass propeganda to propell its citizens into wars they did not belong at..ww1 ww2 vietnam 1st iraq war and now for the 2nd time..They hang so caled ruthless dictators and dont even blink..Sadam got hung for gassing 200,000 kurds right? what if i told u that the gas that killd the kurds was owned by iran..and not iraq..I bet uve never heard that before..i bet u never heard that it was a battle..and not some random mass murder that was blamed on iraq..what would u say then..i say see for yourself..Click Here


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