No More Ignorance

January 20, 2007

Think outside the box

Filed under: New World Order — Fadi Ayat @ 10:33 pm

Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero Radio joined me as we discussed state sponsored terrorism. We were joined by former FBI Special Agent in Charge, Ted Gunderson. His investigations into the First World Trade Center attack and the Oklahoma City bombings have led him to conclude that a secretive group is secretly orchestrating these events. Tags: Alex Ansary, Access TV, Television, Free speech, Anti War, Anti Bush, Anti Kerry, Cope Bill,Deceit, Dishonesty, Betrayal, Propaganda, Big media, Police State, Surveillance society, Martial Law, 911, 9/11, September 11th 2001, Oklahoma City, Terrorism, War on Terror, oil, Pentagon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Taliban, Kabul, Children, Death, Space Wars, Predator drones, sound weapons, tasers, pepper spray, Israel, United States, slavery, tracked, traced, watched, spied on, abused, raped, torture, MKULTRA, psychological warfare, prison, jail, control, darkness, Matrix, Illusion, confusion, assassinations, cover ups, corruption, conspiracy, conspiracies, Corporations, Internationalism, Liberalism, Neo-Conservatism, Communism, Socialism, Republic, US Constitution, Republicans, Democrats, Independent, Independence, 1776, Bill of rights, law of the land, federalist papers, symbolism, all seeing eye, spirituality

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