No More Ignorance

January 25, 2007

OKLAHOMA CITY: What Really Happened?

Filed under: Oklahoma City — Fadi Ayat @ 5:01 pm

Overview of the OKC Bombing case created by State Representative Charles Key. * Takes a look at major issues regarding the cover up by the FBI and Justice Department. * Including: Eyewitnesses, Other Bombs found and Prior Knowledge Almost forgot about Oklahoma City didnt you..Another government led operation of civilian terrorism. On the aniversary of waco. How come tim mcveigh was the only one prosicuted. How come the news never told us that there was a second person. How come there were no atf agents in the building that mourning. Does this smell fishy to anyone else? Why did they destroy the building before an investigation could take place. That is the same thing they did with the world trade centers. They shippd the stell as scrap metal and sold it to foreign powers so noone could examine the steel wich would have clearly shown thermate and thermite residue. This is so blatent it makes me sick. The government is certainly not telling the truth about events that they conjure up. From the kennedy assasination to the bombing of the USS COLE. What is the truth. HOw can we get it. Lets not wait. Can we actualy do anything? Is there a way? Can we beat these Pigs? Americans are ignorant and the goverment loves it that way. Ignorance = Mind Slaves


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