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January 26, 2007

The 4th Reich And Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The elite have a plan for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the groundwork is already being feverishly prepared for the Fuhrer to reign over the 4th Reich of the New World Order. Schwarzenegger’s Nazi ties, racism and hatred of blacks and his gay porn links are all exposed.



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Arnold Schwarzenegger fights a bear.
No one else could possibly have their evening ruined by a rampaging bear or at the very least a man in a very bad bear suit. From the movie Hercules In New York (highly recommended if you think this clip is funny).


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January 23, 2007

Schwarzenegger Gone Wild (Carnivale in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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“Governator” and wannabe American dictator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, stars in this this short travel log of the night life of Rio de Janeiro during the annual Carnival. Arnold parties with skimpily-dressed models, ogling and groping them in the Club Oba Oba, as well as suggestively sucking carrots with a woman at a local restaurant.

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