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January 30, 2007

Oil Factor -War on Iraq العراق

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 The Middle-East holds 70% of the world’s oil reserves while North America and Europe will run out of oil in 2010 at their current rate of production. Current technologies might provide alternatives to oil for energy but not to oil for plastics. In the wake of Vice-President Dick Cheney’s 2001 Energy Task Force, is it a coincidence if George Bush targeted Iraq in its so called “war-on-terror”, a country known to possess the second largest oil reserves in the world? Is it another coincidence if U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Central Asia are based near Central Asian oil and natural gas? Was invading Iraq and Afghanistan really meant to reduce terrorist threats against the United States or was it a ploy to guarantee that the average American can go on for a little while consuming 4 times more energy that the average European or 32 times more energy than the average African? Persian Gulf War, United Nations, U.N., in violation of international law, bombings, illegal, marc … all » garlasco, weaponry, iraqi leadership, mohamed assan, president george w. bush, administration, andrew shlapak, karen kwiatkowski, saddam hussein, zbigniew brzezinski, weapons of mass destruction, wmd, pnac, project for the new american century, vice president dick cheney, donald rumsfeld, paul wolfowitz, jeb bush, new world order, nwo, neocons, neo-cons, gary schmitt, randa habib, ahmed chalabi, george tenet, john negroponte, cia, covert operations, energy supplies, mike, michael c. ruppert, oil consumption, supply, demand, economy, economics, pierre-marie gallois, supplies, nepdg, noam chomsky, david mulholland, pipelines, price of oil, dathar al kahar, refinery, refineries, fields, drilling, radioactive, radioactivity, du, depleted uranium, uranium 238, 234, 235, toxicity, cancers, birth defects, contamination, paul bremer, dyncorp, halliburton, national security council, nsc, bechtel, guantanamo bay, defense contractors, kellogg, brown & root, detention concentration camps, elizabeth hodgkin, abu ghraib, governments covered up,osama bin laden, taliban, al qaeda, natural gas,ahmed rashid, mullah omar, enemy combatants,geneva convention, hamed karzai, opium poppies,heroin, anti coalition forces, resources,terrorism


January 26, 2007

Secrets of the CIA

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Keeping It In The Family: The Bushes and the Nazis

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Journalist John Buchanan discusses how his research led him to uncover the deep and historical ties between the Bush family and the Nazi war machine. Buchanan’s endeavors led to highly respected newspapers such as the London Guardian covering the story.

January 25, 2007

911 – David Ray Griffin in DC 9-24 2005

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This 32min video is the most concise report on 9/11 that I have yet seen. No emotional overloads just facts… The way it should be presented. Better than his Madison WI leture. An excelent video to share with frinds and family, without taking up their whole evening.

Come on people..How much more proof do you need? Is the voer up not clearn enough for you? You still trust your government?

January 23, 2007


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January 21, 2007

Satan’s Kingdom

Disclaimer: We believe the Bible is inspired cover to cover. We believe that the Gnostic Gospels are not inspired. The Council of Nicea did some positive things for Christianity, but we are critical of many of the early Roman Church reforms.

An investigation into our leaders’ fascination with the occult. Included are a deeper look into the secret societies of Skull & Bones and Bohemian Grove. The film also delves deeper into the “Conspiracy of Silence”, where Washington lobbyists and politicians covered up a child pornography ring that they themselves patronized– a cover-up that went as high as the Reagan White House. The film also shows how this conspiracy relates to the Bible and the often covered-up Biblical truth about Satan and his power structure here on Earth.

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January 18, 2007

Meet The Bush Family

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This sick and twised pack of nazi lovin jew supporting terrorists that is running our country

January 17, 2007


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