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January 29, 2007

What’s in a Flu Shot?

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Before you get your next (bird) flu shot, watch this short vid and make sure it’s something you really think you need.


January 27, 2007

Suppressed Medical Discovery: Dr. Robert C. Beck ( Cancer,AIDS, anything viral)

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In 1990, an astounding discovery was reported at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC by Drs. Kaali and Wyman, resulting in Patent No. 5,188,738 being issued in 1993 entitled “Alternating Current Supplied Electrically Conductive Method and System for Treatment of Blood and/or Other Body Fluids and/or Synthetic Fluids with Electric Forces.”. Their research work involved an in vitro & in vivo human Blood Electrification process, which electronically sterilizes the blood, resulting in all known pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus, being completely eliminated! Their research had been anticipated 24 years earlier in 1973 with the research involved in Patent No. 3,753,886. Not surprisingly though, due to the stranglehold, that the Pharmaceutical Cartel has in the U.S., this revolutionary clinical data was almost totally suppressed. Other than a few News Articles such as the Science News: Mar. 30, `91 pg. 207, Longevity: Dec. `92/pg. 14, and Houston Post: Mar. 20, ’91 /Sect. A-10, plus the Patent No. 5,188,738, there has been a complete BLACKOUT since then in the News Media about this powerful medical technology.

January 26, 2007

An investigation of the death of Frank Olsen and the CIA’s secret mind control experiments

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Secrets of the CIA

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Ted Gunderson The CIA and Pedophile Trafficking In Children

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CIA pedophile sex trade Ted Gunderson Franklin cover-up Larry king Omaha Nebraska nwo Mark Foley Hasert pervert perverted republican senators prostitution boys town

Zionists Recipie for Non-Jews’ Genocide – How Jews Ruined the World

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Seeing is Believing. War Crimes of Jews. The cunning people doing genocides of non-jews. 

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Masons Jesuits Zionists Illuminati NWO Aliens Satanic Babylonic

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Masons Jesuits Zionists Illuminati NWO Aliens Satanic Babylonic 180MBavi.avi Secret Societies that are rulling the World

Dr. Jack Cluney, THD, PHD, is a spirit-filled ordained Baptist minister, authority on Satanism, witchcraft, white supremacy, and other forms of cult and occult activity. He has been called in to help investigators from the FBI,CIA,OSI, Border Patrol, and dozens of Police and Sheriffs organizations.

David Rivera, Riley, Joyce Riplinger, Gale Rivera, David Roberts, Craig Rodes, Daniel Rood Prophecy Club

Info Rick A. Ross Institue – Satanism.

Jordan Maxwell – FreeMason, Illuminati, Symbols, Secret Societies, Jesuits.

Texes Marrs The Blind and The Dead

Las Iglesias de Satan

Marcos 13:22 falsos Cristos y falsos profetas.

Ministerio Texe Marrs Ministries : Http://

Videos por E-Mail Copy’n’Paste URL :

Josue Yrion Cruzada Madras India Evangelizando a Indhu

Josue Yrion Ministries Espiritu Santo Resureccion de Cristo

Josue Yrion Nintendos XBox Pokemon Babilonicos GameCube Juegos

Buscando La Verdad en 1800+ Sitios Cristianos :


Keeping It In The Family: The Bushes and the Nazis

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Journalist John Buchanan discusses how his research led him to uncover the deep and historical ties between the Bush family and the Nazi war machine. Buchanan’s endeavors led to highly respected newspapers such as the London Guardian covering the story.

January 25, 2007

911 – David Ray Griffin in DC 9-24 2005

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This 32min video is the most concise report on 9/11 that I have yet seen. No emotional overloads just facts… The way it should be presented. Better than his Madison WI leture. An excelent video to share with frinds and family, without taking up their whole evening.

Come on people..How much more proof do you need? Is the voer up not clearn enough for you? You still trust your government?

January 23, 2007

Mike Ruppert – CIA and Drug Running (1997)

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The Politics Of Heroin

Cocaine Politics 



Former narcotics investigator Mike Ruppert, and author of “The Truth and Lies of 911″, was forced out of the LAPD in 1977 when he exposed evidence of drug trafficking by the CIA. This is one of his first appearances caught on Video in 1997 at the Granada Forum in Tarzana, CA. Topic is “CIA Drug Running

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