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January 23, 2007

JFK and 9/11 – Insights Gained From Studying Both

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In this wide-ranging talk, researcher Peter Dale Scott points out similarities that arise when you look at the assassination of JFK and the events of 9/11.

Recorded at the 2006 “Coalition on Political Assassinations” (COPA) Regional Meeting in Dallas, Texas, November 18, 2006.

For more information on COPA write to; copa (at)

To obtain a DVD of the entire COPA conference, including this talk, contact: ralph (at) (213) 747-6345

(Please note, the video above of Peter Dale Scott is from a small commercial handycam, Justice Vision uses pro-gear, and will have a different camera angle.)

The content of Peter Dale Scott’s talk is Copyright, 2006, Peter Dale Scott.

For more information on Peter Dale Scott, visit his website;


JFK and 9/11 – Insights Gained From Studying Both


January 21, 2007

Satan’s Kingdom

Disclaimer: We believe the Bible is inspired cover to cover. We believe that the Gnostic Gospels are not inspired. The Council of Nicea did some positive things for Christianity, but we are critical of many of the early Roman Church reforms.

An investigation into our leaders’ fascination with the occult. Included are a deeper look into the secret societies of Skull & Bones and Bohemian Grove. The film also delves deeper into the “Conspiracy of Silence”, where Washington lobbyists and politicians covered up a child pornography ring that they themselves patronized– a cover-up that went as high as the Reagan White House. The film also shows how this conspiracy relates to the Bible and the often covered-up Biblical truth about Satan and his power structure here on Earth.

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January 18, 2007

Straight From The Source

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Interview of lyndon B Johnsons Mistriss claiming he told her that he had jfk assasinated


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This is another video i found on google. Very intense. very real comman sense rules the world..Ignorance rules the people

Watch as the driver pulls out a gun

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for some reason google wouldnt let me put the video directly on my blog..Hmmm I wonder why..Click Here for the video. At first i thought i was fake. specialy the black and white version..But the original film shows the same thing..u can clearly see the driver turns to his right and pulls out a gun, fires and thats the end of jfk

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