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January 21, 2007

Satan’s Kingdom

Disclaimer: We believe the Bible is inspired cover to cover. We believe that the Gnostic Gospels are not inspired. The Council of Nicea did some positive things for Christianity, but we are critical of many of the early Roman Church reforms.

An investigation into our leaders’ fascination with the occult. Included are a deeper look into the secret societies of Skull & Bones and Bohemian Grove. The film also delves deeper into the “Conspiracy of Silence”, where Washington lobbyists and politicians covered up a child pornography ring that they themselves patronized– a cover-up that went as high as the Reagan White House. The film also shows how this conspiracy relates to the Bible and the often covered-up Biblical truth about Satan and his power structure here on Earth.

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January 20, 2007

RFK Assassination

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one of the most detaild assassination videos ive seen of rfk jr. even has audi tapes of sirhan being hypnotized. Listen as the interviewers put suggestions into sirhans. It is so obvious that he didnt do it..even under hypnosys when sirhan is saying he didnt do it..they still pressing him. I mean amongs other things..every expert witness this video interviews says that there was more than 1 gun involved..and that the bullets in kennedy’s body did not match the bullets fired from sirhans gun..the bullets from sirhans gun hit people that were standing behind kennedy ….. Ebay has lots of books on this subject. Click Here for some great items

More Proof From The BBC

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why do all the people say sirhan was infront of kennedy. yet the bullet wound in kennedys head came from the back..I wonder how that could fucken happen

RFK Assassination

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Robert F. Kennedy was killed just like previous members of his family by the same men running our country today.

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